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Are you using Google ads? Don’t waste your money here.

You can listen to the article here.
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First of all, I hope everyone is safe & healthy at home.

#StayHomeStaySafe for some more time.

This is the story of advertising & Publishing.

If you are new to these concepts, Advertiser is someone who pays to others to show about their products on their space (It can be billboard, website, video, etc.) & the one who sells these spaces are called as the Publisher.

Basically, we are talking about online advertising.

There are various tools that allow you to promote your product (advertise) on multiple locations, device styles, communities, age groups, etc. out of which Google is very famous.

Here is an example of how google shows ads on your mobile either on youtube, chrome, or any mobile app you use. Watch the video to know how GPay pays to Google for promoting their product on mobile phones as it is a mobile app. (CHECK OUT THE VIDEO)

Now, What is the basic sense of Advertising?

Even a layman can say, I want to make money or I want to make my product famous so that I can make money which is why I am willing to pay you. If you can't deliver that properly what is need to pay that?

So, Google comes with this CPM, we will charge you even if we just show about your product (ok, logical because no one wants to promote anything for free or there can be flaws in the product that can't make money at all, agreed!) i.e., for every 1000 impressions (Ad shown once is called as an impression), you will be charged.

These charges vary based on the device, based on the country, demand, keyword, competition, etc., which is very difficult to calculate why you are charged this much. Still, so many people think that they knew how the google algorithm works & how they charge you.

The fact is that they don't even know how many times it actually showed, or on how many devices it has shown, or they are showing the same ad where it is not necessary but can get more impressions, which is a loss for the advertiser.

Now, WATCH THE SAME VIDEO AGAIN. Let me know what did you see?

What did you see?

An ad of GPay, which is posted by Google - As you can see the information icon that shows the Google Ads. When I clicked to install, you can see the open button which means the app is already installed in the mobile & Google is showing the same ad from the past 10 days which creates a loss of impressions & I clicked on that to see which charges extra as it is CPC.

If this is the situation for their own products, how much more this system is incurring losses to other advertisers who are not from google?

  1. My Neice plays this puzzle mobile game every day before sleep (around 9-10 PM IST) (BTW, happy he is not into PUBG.)
  2. Every day, I see this advertisement consecutively for 10 days or so.
  3. I already have the GPay app installed & I didn't find the purpose of an advertiser to show the installation to those who already have the app?
  4. Consider they ant to remind to make payments using GPay, okay but why at nights?
  5. Why again consecutively for 10 days, of which I never clicked the add for initial 5 days & it just created impressions for Google & a loss for the advertiser.
  6. The problem is the advertising target was not proper, that even they are incurring losses on promoting their own products or I don't know!
What do you think about Google Ads Targeting?

Do you use only Google Ads for advertising & Adsense for Publishing? Comment the other Ad Networks you prefer too!

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