Vijay Anand – Secret Superstar

You know October month is well known for the birth of geniuses? Introducing our next #SecretSuperstar, Mr Vijay Anand for being the inspiration to many startups & he really is a typical startup guy.

There is nothing wrong to consider luck as a factor to success & you know what, he was born on 28th October. Readers should note that our intention is not to portray his success is all because of the luck & the knowledge he has been sharing these days is the real proof to call him a #SecretSuperstar, a born genius.

A Brief of his Stardom:

With more than 4 lac followers, he usually talks & shares about the latest trends & experiences with startups. Either it is product, service, solution, funding anything, his every post is related to startups & shares ample knowledge before, while & after do’s and don’ts of a startup. It is no exaggeration that all his posts can get you an idea about the startup & world & he chose to let the world know through LinkedIn.

To your knowledge, he also encourages the startups with his electrifying event In50hrs.

What is In50hrs in Mr Vijay’s Words:

In50hrs is a weekend Prototyping event, where teams register to build prototypes of solutions for real problems and present them to a jury of incubators, accelerators and seed fund investors for a chance to move to the next level.

(Image Credit: The Startup Centre Website)

Also, there is a community for startups called #TSCTribe which is the vibrant community around The Startup Centre; everything you need to get started with – Community meetups, office hours, coworking spaces and initiatives geared towards making startups succeed – and the ecosystem transparent and accessible.

Higher Education:
  • A Dropped out from the University of Ottawa, B.Eng Software (
Work & Experience:
  • Founder CEO at The Startup Centre (Feb 2011 – Present) & the Co-Founder at Chennai Tricolor Initiative Trust.
  • The Startup Center is an accelerator for the technology startups in early-stage & also a hub for the entrepreneurial community.
  • The Chennai Tricolor Initiative is a non-profit, volunteer organization formed by the youth of Chennai after the floods last year as a way of promoting responsible and participatory citizenship – and as a way of involving the youth in the matters that affect everyday lives, and to influence it in a positive manner. We, the people.
  • Venture Bootstrapping
  • Strategic Planning and market positioning
  • Fundraising
  • Entrepreneur Mentorship
  • Industry Depth and trend analysis
  • Project Management
  • Crisis Control
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mass Communication and PR, mobilizing Market traction
  • Policy Recommendations

There are few other big brands, he extended his services & help them grow.

His high-grade endorsed skills include

#ProductManagement, etc…

To add to his achievements, He was highly recommended by 38 other professionals, which is one of the greatest sign of admiration by others.

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Source: LinkedIn, Google

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