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[Part 1] 50 Best Marketing Tools out of 100s Tested in the last 3 Years

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[Part 1] 50 Best Marketing Tools out of 100s Tested in the last 3 Years

I’m working in a growth marketing agency. Marketing tools are 30% of what we do, so we use them a lot and experiment with the new ones as much as possible.

There are thousands of tools and it’s easy to get lost, so I wanted to share the tools we use most on a daily basis. And divide the list into 14 categories.

I thought this could be handy for Entrepreneurs.

Why adopt tools? I see marketing tools as tireless colleagues. If you can’t hire an employee, choosing the right tool can solve your problems, because they

  • Are super cheap.
  • Work 7/24 for you.
  • Don’t make mistakes.
  • Don’t need management. (or needless management)
  • Help you to automate the majority of your lead gen process.
  • Onwards to the list.

(With the pricings post ended up quite long, you can find a link in the end if you want to check the prices)

Email marketing tools

#1 ActiveCampaign is armed with the most complicated email automation features and has the most intuitive user experience. It feels like you already know how to use it.

#2 Autopilot is visual marketing automation and customer journey tool that helps you acquire, nurture based on behaviours, interest etc.

#3 Mailjet: This is the tool we use to send out bulky email campaigns such as newsletters. It doesn’t have sexy features like others but does its job for a cheap price.

Email address finders

#4 Skrapp finds email of your contacts by name and company. It also works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and can extract thousands of emails in bulk + have a browser add-on.

#5 Hunter: Similar to Skrapp but doesn’t work with LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly. In addition, there are email templates and you can set up email campaigns.

Prospecting & outreach tools

#6 Prospect combines the personal emails, follow-up calls, other social touches and helps you create multichannel campaigns. 

#7 Reply is a more intuitive version of Prospect. It is easy to learn and use; their UX makes you feel good and sufficient.

CRM tools

#8 Salesflare helps you to stop managing your data and start managing your customers. Not yet popular as Hubspot and etc but the best solution for smaller B2B businesses. (we’re fans)

#9 Hubspot: The most popular CRM for good reason and has a broader product range you can adopt in your next steps. Try this if you have a bulky list of customers because it is free.

#10 Pardot: Pardot is by Salesforce, it’s armed with features that can close the gap between marketing and sales.

Sales Tools

#11 Salesforce is the best sales automation and lead management software. It helps you to create complicated segmentations and run, track, analyze campaigns from the same dashboard.

#12 LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you full access to LinkedIn’s user database. You can even find a kidnapped CEO if you know how to use it with other marketing automation tools like Skrapp.

#13 Pipedrive is a simple tool and excels in one thing. It tracks your leads and tells you when to take the next action. It makes sales easier.

#14 Qwilr creates great-looking docs, at speed. You can design perfect proposals, quotes, client updates, and more in a flash. We use it a lot to close deals, it’s effective.

#15 Crystalknows is an add-on that tells you anyone’s personality on LinkedIn and gives you a detailed approach specific to that person. It’s eerily accurate.

#16 Leadfeeder shows you the companies that visited your website. Tells how they found you and what they’re interested in. It has a free version.

Communication Tools

#17 Intercom is a sweet and smart host that welcomes your visitors when you’re not home. It’s one of the best chatbot tools in the market.

#18 Drift is famous for its conversational marketing features and more sales-focused than Intercom.

#19 Manychat is a chatbot that helps you create high converting Facebook campaigns.

#20 Plann3r helps you create your personalized meeting page. You can schedule meetings witch clients, candidates, and prospects.

#21 Loom is a video messaging tool, it helps you to be more expressive and create closer relationships.

#22 Callpage collects your visitors’ phone number and connects you with them in seconds. No matter where you are.

Landing page tools

#23 Instapage is the best overall landing page builder. It has a broad range of features and even squirrel can build a compelling landing page with templates. No coding needed.

#24 Unbounce can do everything that Instapage does and lets you build a great landing page without a developer. But it’s less intuitive.


Yigit Durdag - Grow Force - bADboyZ

Yigit Durdag

I'm an ex-commercial copywriter that wrote brands such as Unilever, Axe, Rexona, Sunsilk, Unicef, Mazda, Shell, BNP Paribas, and Avon. Then I got my growth marketing education at GrowForce, since then I'm constantly learning. Currently, I'm in charge of inbound marketing and a part-time consultant at GrowForce.

[CONTINUED Part 2] 50 Best Marketing Tools out of 100s Tested in the last 3 Years

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