Smart Composing for GMail – AI helps you writing Emails

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Content- The king demands high priority anywhere.

The mode of getting to the right customer with the right content is the ultimate branding strategy. Though it is traditional, Emails are yet the best ways to reach & give a genuine impact over other modes of communication. So, Google brings you with Smart Composing for Gmail.

Emails represent a person more than an organization, so more than a company, it is focused on & improves Personal Branding. There are many online ways to find the content, templates for best emails, it either consumes your time searching for the suitable stuff or you need to pay to get it. There are also other add-ons (Grammarly– the best tool to check every piece of content you write) for writing Emails to check what you write with grammar & spellcheck.

How about you write the email content & google helps you while writing just in the flow by giving you interactive suggestions i.e., prompting you with the right words, sentences, based on your subject & type of email (whether new email or the reply).

Google‘s #SmartCompose is now accessible for regular users & will be available for G-Suite users very soon. Here is how you can activate this in your Gmail account.

Hope this stuff from google helps you create good content, rather we call it right content in an easy way.

We believe this is a good move for salespeople & business development teams who are following up regularly to close lead funnels.

Happy selling & Happy Friendship Day.

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