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Vartika Agarwal – Secret Superstar

Not all the beautiful women are into movies, A few are working as the directors of consultants in Ahmedabad.

Our next woman #SecretSuperstar is Ms. Vartika Agarwal, Director of Drishti Consultants Pvt. Ltd. We find she brings her daily experiences with people, clients in the form of situations to correlate with the corporate world & vice versa that can galvanize any person.

A Brief of her Stardom:

With more than 14k connections, she is one among a few who can make every single person in her network & followers to get motivated with her everyday experience as beautiful lessons that made us proud to let the world know about this #SecretSuperstar.

She says, “I have been into Executive Search for around two decades now and am addicted to it”.

  • MBA in Business Administration (1991 – 1993) from Utkal University
  • BA (Hons), Economics, Psychology (1988 – 1993) from SB Womens’ College, Utkal University, Cuttack.
  • ICSE, General (1983-1986) from Siksha Niketan, Brajrajnagar, Orissa.
Work & Experience:

Director at Drishti Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

She takes care of operations, relationship management, vartika-agarwal-secret-superstar business development, etc where she puts herself as the face of her brand and also the invisible operations for the smooth flow of any organization.

There are few other big brands, she extended her services & help them grow.

  1. Consultant at ABC Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Marketing Manager at a leading NBFC

Her high-grade endorsements are
#TalentAcquisition, etc…

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Source: LinkedIn, Google

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