COVID19 Infection Trajectory – See which countries are flattening the curve

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The #Coronavirus is the pandemic & spreading at a fast pace of more than 5 lakh cases & you know it took around 3 days for the infection to spread from 4lakhs to 5 lakhs and moreover it has spread to more than 50k people ina single day on 26th march IST. Worls need immediate action, else the world may end soon. In this scenario, where the intelligent & technologically advanced countries have nothing much left to do except for seeking help from others, countries with less area & high population i.e., India needs more care. While Indian government is doing its part & other countries as well trying their best to be strong, see the below data how countries are controlling the infection trajetory.

However, there are many speculations saying the china has been the brain behind this bio-weapon over internet which however needs proofs. The reason they claim to cope the dangerous virus was #Lockdown for 2 months which is now being followed by the world.

Here is the reason why the government is imposing lock down despite people's interest for their own good.

In case you need to know more about the data how #COVID19 is taking over the world, just go and watch this LIVE DASHBOARD.

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The #Coronavirus has only one solution now, practise social distancing, self-isolation, self quarantine & other lockdown, shoutdown tactics imposed by the Government.

Source: Visual Capitalist

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