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Predible Health – Forbes India 30 under 30

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Adarsh Raj (left), Abhijith Chunduru (centre), Suthirth Vaidya (right)
After completing their master’s from IIT-Madras, where they specialised in biomedical design, Suthirth Vaidya got a couple of job offers while Abhijith Chunduru had got admission to a PhD programme at University of California, Berkeley. But they chose to use the technology that had been part of their thesis—deep learning algorithms for neuro imaging and brain MRIs—to take the startup route.

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They incorporated Predible Health in 2016, with college-mate Adarsh Raj as co-founder. “India provides wide access to, and variety of, data and we thought there could be a lot of potential in building the technology for different diseases and conditions, and helping doctors read scans,” says Vaidya, CEO of Predible Health, which develops artificial intelligence-based solutions for analysis of radiology imaging.
They tied up with hospitals, first for liver scans and then lung scans. Predible Liver helps surgeons with precise planning for liver transplant and tumour resections, while Predible Lung helps in the interpretation of lung nodules from CT images. There will soon be a product to help faster detection of strokes.

“Predible Lung helps validate and pre-help in picking abnormalities. There’s a quality augmentation,” says Bharat Aggarwal, director, radiology services, Max Healthcare, with which Predible has a tie-up. Predible Lung is live in more than 20 sites across India, says Vaidya.

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They have raised around $500,000 in funding and are in the process of getting global regulatory approvals to expand in the Europe and US markets. “They are anchoring themselves in India but being global in their approach,” says Milind Shah, venture partner, health care, Unitus Ventures, an investor.

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