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Introducing Secret Superstars from LinkedIn

Knowledge is Divine & those who share it is no less than God.

What if it is for free?

& What do we call them?

We call them Superstars; But, they are hidden, not because they want to hide, but they do not take advantage or they might not understand that they are one.

And the Best platform to share knowledge is LinkedIn.

We are here to unmask the hidden stars & let the world know the ones who are capable to educate, mentor, train, share the knowledge & thereby igniting the #InfluencerInYou.

Super Stars need to be known to the world. But somehow, due to any reason, there can be delay by the time world recognizes them & the needy misses the right knowledge at the right time.

Introducing #SecretSuperstars.

But, We too have some restrictions. People are talented in many ways & share the same in many ways, but we are unable to track all of them & all the ways. We are considering only LinkedIn platform as of now & if the readers have any suggestions about the people you are admired about, please do share their profile link to us at

Details We seek:
  1. Full Name
  2. Email address
  3. Contact Number, if any!
  4. Designation & Work
  5. Link to Any Social Media Profile of the Concerned Superstar ( would be more beneficiary in tagging them)

Do share this and the let the world see the hidden talents.

#InfluencerInYou #SecretSuperstar


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