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Venkatraman Venkitachalam – Secret Superstar

The First to be #SecretSuperstar is Mr Venkatraman Venkitachalam for being the inspiration to start this campaign.

A Brief of his Stardom:

With more than 1 lac followers, he usually talks & shares about the latest technologies & trends from almost all the sectors. His eyes look for the new generation innovations who deserve to be encouraged & starts with himself by letting know the world through LinkedIn. The other kind of posts are the pictures that he shares, there is a lot of humour, sometimes so much to think and a lot of things to learn. They make everyone think about them. But, Mr Venkatraman is a very big critic & his comments in most of the posts were found be satiric & humorous.

Work & Experience:

Director at EFENP Automation P Ltd. (May 2012 – Present)

There, he managed businesses at PAN INDIA LEVEL, analyzed key business drivers & developed strategies to grow bottom lines. He effectively managed, trained and lead teams to secure high-value accounts across OEM’s in SME & MNC’s in India. certificate-of-excellence-awardHe was always proud to have Successfully established branch operations, built strategic business plans and succeeded in brand building. He also provided a solution for Food, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Industries. The service package offered by the company includes needs assessment, selection, coordination & integration with upstream or downstream equipment, technical assistance, application assistance, and customer service.

  • Strong General Management skills with a broad base of experience and roles
  • Business Strategy and execution
  • Starting up companies and establishing MNC subsidiaries
  • Marketing and sales management
  • Profit and Loss and profit maximization
  • Worked in the International Environment
  • People leadership, orientation, and Teambuilding
  • Risk-taking ability
  • Collaboration and influencing skills
  • Out of the box thinker

There are few other big brands, he extended his services & help them grow.

  1. Regional Manager at B&R Industrial Automation 
  2. GM Sales at VEEYES Machines Pvt. Ltd. 
  3. CEO at CVC Technologies, Inc., India.Mumbai. 
  4. Regional Manager at Bosch Rexroth India Limited 
  5. Dy.Manager at VE Commercial Vehicles Limited

Last but not least, he was endorsed in high grade for more than 30 skills like #Entrepreneurship, #MotivationalSpeaker #LeadershipDevelopment, #Automation, #Creativity, #TeamBuilding, #Startups, etc…

Here is the glimpse of his achievements. acheivements-image

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Source: LinkedIn, Google

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