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Have you tried these 5 new LinkedIn features added in 2020

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Needless to introduce the importance of branding on Social Media & especially the top used platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. for professional growth.

While Gmail has introduced features like Smart compose, Schedule Send & Confidential Mode, etc.  & google itself in changing its branding, other social media platforms are making themselves fitter for organizational behaviors. Yet, there needs to be a relook for some of the platforms like Facebook & Tumblr in how they can help by getting themselves better in terms of their offerings & the companies meet their target customers.

However, Every platform grows & improves for a better reach to its audience with fewer efforts & LinkedIn stays on the pinnacle.

Recently, LinkedIn has introduced a few latest features, that help the companies reach more customers & get more followers & increase engagement.

Invite Connections (of the admin) (COMPANY PAGE):

The admins can invite their connections to like their company page & you know you can have N number of admins. This is a beta program & is fixing the bugs & will be ready by LinkedIn any moment. Check out the following video for better understanding.

Event creation (Public & private) (PROFILE):

Events are one of the best options for companies for networking & Lead generation so is the LinkedIn platform. This was one of the aptest features that is missing on LinkedIn but, with no much delay, LinkedIn has already been rolled out this feature & allows you to create both public & private events and also allows you to share and invite your connections. However, the event search option is yet to come!

Content Suggestions (COMPANY PAGE): Find how in the last video attached

Find the audience mindset by discovering the topics & articles they are engaging more with on LinkedIn.
(Find the 5 hacks for a kick-ass content strategy on LinkedIn)

Let the Employees know (A similar feature from the groups) (COMPANY PAGE): Find how in the last video attached

Just like how we have “Recommend this post” to members in groups, this is similar to notify all your employees to engage with the content your brand is sharing on LinkedIn page. You can only suggest one post once in a week only. All the profiles that are updates with their employer as your brand can only be notified.

Click the Image to follow Our Group: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) | Startup CXOs
Inclusive Alt text for your posts based on the image (PROFILE): Find how in the last video attached

This Alternative Text (generally called as alt text) helps audiences tell the nature or contents of an image. Recognising the content based on images is the same thing this does on LinkedIn too for popping up the most relevant content.

Use LinkedIn Elevate for more learning of the features individually.


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2 thoughts on “Have you tried these 5 new LinkedIn features added in 2020

  • Jason Keath

    Hey there, this is such a great content & all these are now well used.
    There are also, few more features added in LinkedIn it seems. Good stuff though.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Jason & hope to make more content similar. Appreciate your insights as well, we will surely look into them.


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