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The future you as a marketer are stunning, The Maverick Marketer.

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How to be that Maverick Marketer?

Marketing is refining & redefining with the AUTOMATION-CENTRIC approaches. This makes the life of a customer easy in saving time & getting the information faster. On the other side, A marketer can also have a timely approach for all the data without spending much time, efforts & money. But there are other aspects as well that altogether make you a maverick marketer.

The things to concentrate are:

Personal Branding

A way to see the change is to bring it within or be the one you seek. You can be, the best brand evangelist only when you can grow your personal branding.

There are tools that help you grow your personal branding with easy & simple ways of doing without affecting your professional time.


Get the Influencers to help you guide, benchmark & show the growth or criticize to better yourself. You don’t know how you look without a mirror, choose the proper one to display you as you are.

Influencer marketing is the future where the concept was arisen from “the people listen to people that too who are on a high level like celebrities, Sports stars, Entrepreneurs, etc.. When you can’t afford the celebrity brand ambassadors, you need to look for Influencers for your self-branding as well as for your brand.

Find the #SecretSuperstars who ignite the #InfluencerInYou.


The Automation is a fuel that helps growth. The more the automation the easy would be the approach & Process. On the other hand, it is also expensive & complex to implement. The most effective way should be easy & cost-effective that can only help the growth. Here are a few automation tools for marketers either for writing basic emails with Smart Composer, scheduling emails, EMail campaigns, or ways to automate the Social media, etc. for free & easy to implement.

Find the Right Customer

The customer is king & I am sure no one differs with this opinion. That is also a universal fact that more than a sale, companies strive to make a better emotional impact with the customers to gain them & stay with them. The corporate culture is super defined & rotates around customers in future either you call them the micro influencers or even the “Pixel Influencers” just like Mr. Sridhar, Chief Marketing Officer at Diageo mentioned, the future revolves around the customer & will be the deciding factor for any business growth.

There are different Digital Marketing tools powered by AI for lead generation that can get you right prospects without spending any money. It is called the 64th lead generation technique.

Get Maximum out of Your Customer Data

The Marketers, especially in Startups or, the Entrepreneurs should know that the simple things then, where we can save every penny can put us on high grounds later when you really need it.

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