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Which is Better? Blogging Vs. SEO for SERP

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Hey Folks…Don’t you dare take my words seriously that come as the next statement because I’m fed up with what I see online, but don’t forget to give it a thought?

It is useless to talk about the 1 million SEO techniques that were already there in use now & mere needless to talk what SEO is.


It was 1 Mn +2 now, just 4 techniques have taken birth & 2 are dead.

Doesn’t it sound like, keeping an account of the growing population?

There are ridiculously many ways of getting good SEO done for your website while the on-page SEO techniques don’t give much scope which is limited & available to all, the off-page SEO is the decision maker of the competition among the similar website.

The basic but well known Off-Page SEO Techniques which actually been working for so long:

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. Directory Submission
  3. Classifieds
  4. Forum Posting
  5. Social Networking
  6. Link Baiting
  7. BLOGGING, etc….

You all know these techniques & if you don’t know you can check online which is everywhere available (or just ping to our team).

One best technique I found among these is Blogging which has more scope than the rest of the techniques because Crawling is based on the content & the best platform is blogging that has regular followers that act as fuel for your SEO.

1. Blogs for SEO – Most used Technique

Blog posting, commenting on the other blogs, etc would increase the chances of getting a better SEO. But, Here you are going on a tour to find the better blogs, refining the content that matches your needs & then the real work starts.

This is a big job & a series of jobs that never ends while you spend a lot of time searching & doing the monotonous stuff regularly.

So, either you need to automate this process or you just need to go for the 2nd option. There is only one way to automate your SEO to generate endless traffic, but the only way you have is the 2nd option.

2. Guests posting on your blog

If your customers are coming to you rather than you going to them, You are a brand. This is what we call the user-generated content. Promote your website & let the users give a topic or opportunity that makes them write content for you & share it.

This is a difficult process to let the users write content for you, but once it is onboarded, there is no looking back, as it takes care of itself.

You will regularly have the visitors & the guests here but Of course, It need not be the blog, it can be pictures, videos, anything to get the users to generate their own content.

User Generated Content by Influencers

Influencer marketing is the future where the concept was arisen from “the people listen to people that too who are on a high level like celebrities, Sports stars, Entrepreneurs, etc.. When you can’t afford the celebrity brand ambassadors, you need to look for Influencers for your self-branding as well as for your brand.

Influencer marketing is one of the most sorted ways of organic & sure branding technique. But, the only challenge is to Choose the influencers on board.

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Once, you have an influencer to generate content or promote for you, your brand is a great success.


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