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Rashmi Dixit Sharma – Secret Superstar

If I had a chance, I would like to ask Sonam Kapoor & Ms Neerja Bhanot (Late Air hostess) Is that true that all the daring & gutsy women all have this faux bob haircut? Probably, there is no chance for that, Nevertheless, I got a lifeline in the form of Ms Rashmi Dixit Sharma, who is the Human Resources Advisor at Sydney Tools.

Meet our next woman #SecretSuperstar is Ms Rashmi Dixit Sharma. We find she brings an inquisitive content can be emotionally connected with everyone as they actually speak about people, their behavioural traits, recruitment & other human-resource-related stories.

A Brief of her Stardom:

With around 50k connections, she is the one who can listen to her words & get motivated by her everyday experience as beautiful lessons. She deserves to be known to the world as a #SecretSuperstar. Here is the sample her work on LinkedIn.

  • MBA in Human Resources Management and Services (2006-08) from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies.
  • BA (Hons), Psychology (1999 – 2002) from Punjab University
Work & Experience:

Human Resources Advisor at CONFIDENTIAL.

In her own terms, She is “An organization development partner, who has shaped high-performing organizations with progressive talent practices, prolific communication, and robust learning and development programs.  A true believer in harnessing technology to bring about agility to the talent pool. An experienced leader in creating positive synergies in a multi-cultural environment, using process streamlining to create and support organizational structures that draw out the true potential of human diversity through customised policies, enhanced productivity, and personalized communication. An astute business partner who understands the unmatched potential of engaged talent in organizational outcomes. A manager who has a proven track record in acquiring talent, nurturing talent, growing talent, building winning teams, change management, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiencies while ensuring human morale and engagement, and maintaining statutory compliance.”

There are few other big brands, she extended her services & help them grow.

  1. Corporate Manager Human Resources at Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited
  2. Vice President – Talent Management and Business Operations at ICEAT

Her high-grade endorsements are
#TalentAcquisition, etc…

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Source: LinkedIn, Google

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