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Priyanka Desai – Secret Superstar

Our First to be Woman #SecretSuperstar is Ms Priyanka Desai. We find she brings an inquisitive content in the form short stories and can turn out to be an inspiration to many to become Bold, Strong, Solopreneur, in simple words, just like her.

A Brief of her Stardom:

She is growing big every day with near to 14k connections. Being an Entrepreneur & the way she stood cult makes us proud to let the world know about another #SecretSuperstar who can mesmerize with her content. Her posts usually contain the day to day life of her & her experiences with different kinds of people.

She says, “You may even find me in the Himalayas, where I go once every year”.

If we are not wrong, An extra slice of her stories was taken life when she was shopping, Maybe Priyanka is a shopaholic? (Just a Guess, Need Priyanka / her sister to confirm)

Turning towards her professional career, she is the founder & CEO of iScribblers, a content marketing company & also the contributor to some of the giant media platforms like Forbes, TechinAsia, e27 & SEMrush.

One thing we would definitely insist Ms Priyanka to answer is, her education background is completely away from what she is doing now, still, how’s that possible for to be one among the best storytellers.

  • M.Pharm specialized in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2011 – 2013) from Gujarat Technological University
  • Masters of Pharmacy in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (1993 – 2007) from Fatima Convent.
Work & Experience:

CEO and Founder at iScribblers

She has helped brands scale up their user base, grab the attention of priyanka-desaiinvestors and hire the best talent using content marketing, online PR and thought leadership. By featuring our clients on top media outlets in their field, we help them propel their growth.

About iScribblers, in Priyanka’s Words:

iScribblers operates from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A). We are content marketing and PR partners for tech startups. We’ve helped clients get featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, TechinAsia, VCCircle, Economic Times and many others.

There are few other big brands, she extended her services & help them grow.

  • Digital Analyst, Growth Hacker and Content Creator at Culmen
  • A Freelance Growth Hacker, Content Crafter, Digital Marketer and Social Media Strategist
  • Guest Blogger Software Suggest
  • Digital content and marketing manager at
  • Digital content and marketing manager at Arkenea Technologies

Her high-grade endorsements are
#Management, etc…

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Source: LinkedIn, Google

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  • Such a great thought to have these secret superstars, they are the real unsung heroes.


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