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Best way to automate LinkedIn – Grow with LinkedIn Helper

You can listen to the article here.

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First of all, I hope everyone is safe & healthy at home.

#StayHomeStaySafe for some more time.

LinkedIn has been the fastest growing social media with more number of professional users, especially in this pandemic. Their 2020 was fully occupied with rolling out the new features from event management to polls.

Though LinkedIn has so many lead generation options both in paid & non-paid versions, It has various tools that can help people with automating the usage of Linkedin.

One such tool is our today's topic & its the need of the hour since you can't just spend days just on LinkedIn to generate leads coz' there are many other tools & ways to tackle for growing your business in all the possible ways.

The only solution in such a situation is to automate the LinkedIn activities if possible! The following video will help you with the same.


There are ample ways to grow with LinkedIn & also lead generation. Follow our YouTube channel for the same & explore more videos of Marketing Automation.


A one-stop facile branding solutions provider for startups. A branding solution platform that ADZ value to the start-up community with information/services exclusively related to Branding, Growth Hacking & Influencers.

4 thoughts on “Best way to automate LinkedIn – Grow with LinkedIn Helper

  • Digital marketing is definitely here to stay. And Linkedin is one valuable platform you can use to grow your business. You see, with marketing any brand there is trial and error but we need to keep doing what works! Thanks for the great insight.

    David Asarnow

  • Hey, Lisa here,

    I have been a student enrolled in your startup course.
    The content is great, but why do you even want to provide it for such low costs? Can you explain the plan behind this scheme like you want to make more sales at a low cost?

    I am planning for a course using your tools on how to sell customized pet clothing in the US.

    If you can tell this, you will be teaching us the Startup Revenue model as well.

    • Thank you, Lisa,
      for the valuable feedback.

      Let’s just have 1 secret to survive.
      Everything else was shared already!

      Glad that you liked our efforts & the only reason to charge for the courses (Even this less) was to make sure that the free content has less value than we provide it for at least at low cost & make it reach more people.

      We don’t want to see startups die before taking birth.

      Team bAD boyZ


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